Indian Polity MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 14

1)Which one of these is the Primary source of Indian Constitution ?

a) British Constitution

b) Irish Constitution

c) Government of India Act, 1935

d) German Constitution

ans: c

2) The Right to Property was removed from the list of Fundamental Rights enlisted in the Constitution through which one of the following Amendment ?

a) 73rd

b) 23rd

c) 44th

d) 76th

ans: c

3) A plan for the division of India into two Independent

States was presented in June, 1947 by

(a) the Muslim League

(b) the Indian National Congress

(c) Lord Wavell

(d) Lord Mountbatten

Ans: (d)

4) A few members of the Legislative Council are nominated by the

(a) Chief Minister

(b) Governor of the State

(c) Chairman of the Council

(d) Speaker of the State Assembly

Ans: (b)

5) Can the Prime Minister Induct Into his Cabinet one who is not a member of Parliament?

(a) Yes

(b) No

(c) Yes during an Emergency

(d) Yes if so advised by the President

Ans: (a)

6) The President has so far declared financial emergency

(a) once

(b) twice

(c) thrice

(d) never

Ans: (d)

7) Untouchability is an offence

(a) according to the Constitution and is punishable in accordance

with law

(b) on humanitarian grounds, but is not punishable under any law

(c) only according to Mahatma Gandhi

(d) only according to Mahatma Gandhi and Acharya Vinoba Bhave

Ans: (a)

8) The fundamental right which was subjected to several Amendments is the right

(a) to freedom

(b) to equality

(c) to property

(d) against exploitation

Ans: (c)

9) The fundamental right which was subjected to several Amendments is the right

(a) to freedom

(b) to equality

(c) to property

(d) against exploitation

Ans: (c)

10) The first Backward Classes Commission was headed by

(a) Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

(b) Jogendra Nath Mandal

(c) Kakasaheb Kalelkar

d) M H Beg

Ans: (c)

11) The USA has a _____ form of Government.

(a) Dictatorial

(b) Monarchical

(c) Presidential

(d) Parliamentary

Ans: (c)

12) The lower age limit for election as President of India is

(a) thirty

(b) thirty-five

(c) forty

(d) fifty

Ans: (b)

13) In which one of the following countries the Supreme Court cannot declare a law passed by the Federal Legislature as unconstitutional, even if it violates the country’s Constitution?

(a) Cananda

(b) USA

(c) India

(d) Nigeria

Ans: (a)

14) The type of Government adopted in the Indian Constitution is

(a) Aristocracy

(b) Oligarchy

(c) Parliamentary

(d) Presidential

Ans: (c)

15) Who among the following former Presidents of India was Trade Union Leader?

(a) Dr S Radhakrishnan

(b) VV Giri

(c) Dr Zakir Husain

(d) FA Ahmed

Ans: (b)

16) Which of the following is not a basic feature of the Indian Constitution?

(a) Presidential Government

(b) Parliamentary Government

(c) Federal Government

(d) Independence of Judiciary

Ans: (a)

17) Which one of the following statements regarding the Preamble is correct?

(a) It is not enforceable in a court of law

(b) the Supreme Court has recently ruled that it is not a part of the Constitution

(c) It has been amended twice

(d) All the above are correct

Ans: (a)

18) The constitution of India is republican because it

(a) provides for an elected Parliament

(b) provides for adult franchise

(c) contains a bill of rights

(d) has no hereditary elements

Ans: (d)

19) As far as Armed Forces are concerned, the fundamental rights· granted under Articles 14 and 19 of the Constitution are:

(a) not available at all

(b) available to armed forces but not to other forces

(c) available only at the discretion of the chief of army staff

(d) available only according to law made by Parliament

Ans: (d)

20) Article 6 enshrines the provision conferring Rights of citizenship of certain persons who have migrated to India from Pakistan. Which one of the following provisions is incorrect?

(a) He or either of his parents or any of his grand-parents was born in India as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935

(b) Such person has so migrated before 19 July, 1948

(c) Such person has so migrated on or after the 19 July, 1948, he has been registered as a citizen

(d) Such person has got married in India

Ans: (a)


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