Indian Economy MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 11

1)Which of the following is the most important component of the liabilities of commercial bank in India?

a) Demand deposits

b) Time deposits

c) Inter-bank liabilities

d) Other borrowings

ans: d

2) Which of the following is NOT a speculator in the Stock Exchange?

a) Bull

b) Beer

c) Broker

d) Stag

ans: d

3)The base of Consumer Price Index(CPI) for industrial workers has been shifted from 1982 to:

a) 1998

b) 2000

c) 2001

d) 2002

ans: c

4) Which one of the following is the task of the Planning Commission?

(a) Preparation of the plan

(b) Implementation of the plan

(c) Financing of the plan

(d) Both (a) and (b)

Ans: (a)

5) India’s wage policy is based on :

(a) cost of living

(b) standard of living

(c) productivity

(d) None of the above

Ans: (a)

6) The cause of inflation is:

(a) increase in money supply

(b) fall in production

(c) increase in money supply and fall in production

(d) decrease in money supply and fall in production

Ans: (c)

7) Who amongst the following is NOT an auto company?

a) Hyundai

b) General Motors

c) Maruti

d) Tripex

ans: d

8)Which is the biggest enterprise of the Government of India?

a) Postal and Telegraph

b) Railway

c) Banking

d) Shipping

ans: b

9) Indian Pulse Research Institute is located in:

a) Allahabad

b) Kanpur

c) Faizabad

d) Lucknow

ans: b

10) The number of Banks nationalised since 1969 is :

(a) 8

(b) 12

(c) 14

(d) 20

Ans: (d)

11) NABARD was established in the:

a) Fourth Five Year Plan

b) Fifth Five Year Plan

c) Sixth Five Year Plan

d) Eighth Five Year Plan

ans: c

12) Grants or advances made by the House to enable the government to carry on until the voting of the demands for grants and passing of the General Appropriation Bill is called:

(a) vote on account

(b) complementary budget

(c) supplementary budget

(d) contingency budget

Ans: (a)

13) The tax whose share in overall taxation revenue has gone up rapidly during the planning period is :

(a) income tax

(b) wealth tax

(c) capital gains tax

(d) tax on production

Ans: (d)

14) Which Agriculture export item is second in case of India?

(a) Marine product

(b) Rice

(c) Sugar

(d) Oil cake

Ans: (b)

15) The Chairman of the National Knowledge Commission is:

a) Rahul Gandhi

b) Rahul Bajaj

c) M.S.Swaminathan

d) Sam Pitroda

ans: d

16) When did India’s population touch 100 core mark?

a) May,2000

b) May,2001

c) May, 2002

d) May, 2003

ans: a

17) The headquarters of World Trade Organisation is in : [CDS 2000]

(a) Montreal

(b) Seattle

(c) Geneva

(d) The Hague

Ans: (c)

18) Which one of the following is not related to United Nations?

(a) Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

(b) International Finance Corporation

(c) International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes

(d) Bank for International Settlements

Ans: (d)

19) Ever greening of patents is done by

(a) citing another use of the same product

(b) citing another process of forming the same product

(c) applying for extension of patent term

(d) citing another product with same use

Ans: (c)

20) Tarapore Committee was associated with which one of the following?

(a) Special Economic Zones

(b) Fuller capital account convertibility

(c) Foreign exchange reserves

(d) Effect of oil-prices on the Indian economy

Ans: (b)


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