Physics MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 2

1)Optical fibre mainly used in communication is based on

a) Less absorption coefficient

b) Less scattering

c) Total internet reflection

d) Refraction

ans: c

2) If there was were no gravity , which of the following will not be there for a fluid ?

a) Viscosity

b) Pressure

c) Archimeds’s upward thrust

d) Surface tension

ans: b

3) Post office box is a device for measuring resistant based on the principle of

a) Poteniometer

b) Meter bridge

c) Ohm meter

d) Galvanometer

ans: b

4) The phenomenon of bursting of hydrogen balloon is based on

a) Charle’s law

b) Boyle’s law

c) Henry’s law

d) Bernoulli’s law

ans: a

5) The image from by an object of a compound microscope is

a) Virtual and enlarged

b) Virtual and diminish

c) Real and diminish

d) Real and enlarged

ans: d

6) A mirror products magnified erect image of and object. The nature of the mirror is

a) Convex

b) Concave

c) Plane

d) Neither convex nor convene

ans: b

7) What enables us to write on the black board with chalk?

a) Gravity

b) Cohesion

c) Adhesion

d) Viscosity

and: c

8) By which one of the following , and old written material which cannot be read easily, can be read ?

a) a- ray

b) y-ray

c) X-ray

d) IR-ray

ans: d

9) Which one of the following has given the centripetal force for a car moving on a road ?

a) Force of breaks

b) The driver of the car

c) Force by the steering wheel

d) Friction due to tyres

ans: d

10) Which one of the following is correct when a body moving in a circular path with constant speed ?

a) The body has constant acceleration

b) The body has constant retardation

c) The body has variable acceleration

d) The body has constant velocity and variable speed

ans: c

11) In nuclear reaction which one of the following is conserved ?

a) Atomic number

b) Mass number

c) Atomic number, Mass number and energy

d) None of the above

ans: c

12) Which one of the following forces lead to separation of the cream from the churned milk?

a) Gravitational force

b) Cohesive force

c) Centripetal force

d) Centrifugal force

ans: d

13) which one of the following reactions is the main cause of the energy radiation from the sun?

a) Fusion reaction

b) Fission reaction

c) Chemical reaction

d) Diffusion reaction

ans: a

14) Which one of the following mechanisms used the Pascal’s law?

a) The flight take-off

b) The floating of ship

c) The hydraulic brakes

d) The landing of flight

ans: c

15) When the matter is cooled to very low temperature, it will from

a) Semi- conductor

b) Super-conductor

c) Insulator

d) Capacitor

ans: b

16) Which one of the following instruments is used by the submarine sailors to see the objects on the surface ?

a) Telescope

b) Microscope

c) Gyroscope

d) Periscope

ans: d

17) Who gave the first evidence of Big-bang theory ?

a) Edwin Hubble

b) Stephen Hawking

c) S Chandrasekhar

d) Albert Einstein

ans: a

18) Which one of the following satellites is used to reflect the radio-signals back to the earth ?

a) Natural satellites

b)  Active satellites

c) Passive satellites

d) None of these

ans: c

19) The common soap used in washing is worked by

a) Reducing the surface tension of water

b) Increasing the surface tension of water

c) Reducing the viscosity of water

d) Increasing the viscosity of water

ans: a

20) if we move from equator to people , the value of g

a) Increases

b) Decreases

c) Remains same

d) First increases then decreases

ans: a


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