Physics MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 1

1)Number of basic SI unit is:

a) 4

b) 7

c) 6

d) 5

ans: b

2) Which of the following is not the unit of energy:

a) Calorie

b) Joule

c) Electron volt

d) Watt

ans: d

3) Light year is unit of:

a) time

b) Speed of light

c) distance

d) mass


4) Which of the following is the example of ideal black body

a) kajal

b) black board

c) a pin hole box

d) none of these

ans: c

5)The best conductor of heat among the following is-

a) Alcohol

b) Mercury

c) Ether


ans: b

6) The rest mass of a photon is

a) very small

b) very large

c) zero

d) dependent on velocity

ans: c

7) The zero layer in the atmosphere is at a height of about

a) 25km

b) 50 km

c) 100km

d) 200km

ans: b

8) Dioptere is the unit of—

a) power of a lens

b) focal length of a lens

c) light intensity

d) sound intensity

ans: a

9) The unit of luminous efficiency of an electric bulbs is

a) watt

b) lumen

c) lux

d) lumen/watt

ans: d

10) What is the maximum number of different electrical combination possible with three equal resistances?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

ans: c

11)Permanent magnet can be made from

a) cobalt

b) Aluminium

c) zinc

d) lead


12) Compton effect is associated with

a) positive rays

b) b-rays

c) y-rays

d) X-rays

ans: d

13) Which of the following particles is unstable

a) proton

b) electron

c) photon

d) neutron

ans: d

14)Which of the following is not a semiconductor

a) germanium

b) silicon

c) arsenic

d) all of these

ans: c

15) The resistance of a pn junction in forward bias is

a) zero

b) low

c) high

d) infinite

ans: b

16)The space waves which are affected seriously by atmospheric conditions are

a) MF0

b) HF

c) VHF

d) UHF

ans:: d

17)Which one among the following has the highest energy?

a) blue light

\b) green light

c) red light

d) yellow light


18) The power of lens is-2D.What is its focal length?

a) 2 m

b) 1.5 m

c) 1.0 m

d) 0.5 m

ans: d

19) A radar beam consist of

a) X-rays

b) infrared rays

c) ultraviolet-rays

d) microwaves

ans: d

20) When a body is immersed in a liquid,it force acting on it is—

a) Upthrust

b)  Weight

c) Mass

d) Both

ans: a

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