Indian History MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 9

1)Who among the following was elected as the President of All-India Khilafat Conference met at Delhi in November, 1919?

a) Motilal Nehru

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) M.A. Jinnah

d) Shaukat Ali

ans: b

2) Who among the following was NOT a member of the Cabinet Mission ?

a) Sir Stafford Cripps

b) A.V. Alxander

c) Redcliff

d) Pethwick Lawrence

ans: c

3) The mantra “Do or Die “ was given by _

a) P.C. Roy

b) J.C. Bose

c) C.V. Raman

d) Mahatma Gandhi

ans: d

4) The Prime Minister of England at the time of Quit India Movement was _

a) Chamberlain

b) Churchill

c) Clement Attlee

d) Mac Donald

ans: b

5) Dyarchy was first introduced in India under _

a) Government of India Act, 1935

b) Morley – Minto Reforms

c) Mont – Ford Reforms

d) Simon Commission Plan

ans: c

6) When was Rowlatt Act passed ?

a) 1919

b) 1920

c) 1921

d) 1922

ans: a

7) Poona Act was signed between _

a) Gandhiji and Lord Irwin

b) Gandhiji and Jinnah

c) Gandhiji and S.C. Bose

d) Gandhiji and Ambedkar

ans: d

8) Jammu and Kashmir became an integral part of India on _

a) 26th October ,1947

b) 26th October, 1948

c) 26th November, 1948

d) None of these

ans: a

9) The province where the Indian National Congress could not get absolute majority during the general election of 1937 was _

a) Bombay

b) Assam

c) Orissa

d) Bihar

ans: b

10) Who were directly related to the Poona Pact of 1932 ?

a) Indian Women

b) Indian Labor Class

c) Indian farmers

d) Indian Depressed Classes

ans: d

11) Which one of the following was favoured by Nehru but not favoured by Gandhiji ?

a) Truth

b) Non-violence

c) Untouchability

d) Heavy Industrialization

ans: d

12) Gandhiji launched the non-co-operation Movement in –

a) 1920

b) 1919

c) 19221

d) 1922

ans: a

13) The second round table conference at London was held in the backdrop of the _

a) Emerson – Gandhi Pact

b) Hailey – Gandhi Pact

c) Gandhi – Irwin Pact

d) Gandhi – Simon Pact

ans: c

14)At which place in Bihar was the session of Indian National Congress of 1022 held ?

a) Haripura

b) Patna

c) Gaya

d) Ramgarh

ans: c

15) Who among the following has authored the book ‘Hind Swaraj’ ?

a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b) Mahatma Gandhi

c) Gopal Krishna Gokhle

d) M.G. Ranade

ans: b

16) Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were hanged on _

a) March 23, 1931

b) March 23, 1932

c) March 23, 1933

d) March 23, 1934

ans: a

17) The massacre of the crowd at Jallianwala Bagh at Amritsar took place on _

a) 1st June, 1918

b) 13th April, 1919

c) 14th April, 1920

d) 6th July, 1921

ans: b

18) Who was the Commander-in-Chief of INA before Subhash Chandra Bose?

a) Giani Pritam Singh

b) Capt. Mohan Singh

c) Major Fuzihara

d) Capt. Suraj Mal

ans: b

19) Who wrote ‘Unhappy India ‘ ?

a) Bal Gangadhar Tilak

b) Lala Lahjapat rai

c) Surendranath banerjee

d) Dadabhai Naoriji

ans: b

20) Who gave the slogan ‘Jai Hind’ ?

a) M.K. Gandhi

b) J.L. Nehru

c) S.C.Bose

d) B.G.Tilak

ans:  c


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