Indian Geography MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 4

1)Which among the following cities of India will have mid-day Sun exactly overhead only once a year ?

a) Delhi and Chennai

b) Srinagar and Darjeeling

c) Hyderabad and Kohima

d) Nagpur and Kolkata

ans: d

2) Kanchenjunga is situated in ;

a) Himachal Pradesh

b) Sikkim

c) west Bengal

d) Nepal

ans: b

3) Which one among the following parts of India falls under earthquake zone  V?

a) Western Ghats

b) Indo- Gangestic Basin

c) Vindhyan Region

d) North- Eastern Region

ans: d

4) Which one among the following places in India nearest to the Tropic of Cancer ?

a) Aizawl

b) Rajkot

c) Kolkata

d) Imphal

ans: a

5) In which one among the following states is the Dihang-Dibang Biosphere Reserve located ?

a) Uttarakhand

b) Arunachal Pradesh

c) Orissa

d) Assam

ans: b

6) The greater Himalayas is otherwise called as:

a) Assam Himalayas

b) Siwaliks

c) Himadri

d) sahyadri

ans: c

7) The Gulf of Manner is situated along the  coast of

a) Tamil Nadu

b) Andhra Pradesh

c) Karnataka

d) kerala

ans: c

8) India’s coast line is long to the extent of –

a) 1400 miles

b) 1000 miles

c) 3500 miles

d) 5100 miles

ans: c

9) The Himalayas are approximately kilometer long –

a) 2000

b) 2500

c) 3000

d) 1500

ans: b

10) Diu is an island off _

a) Daman

b) Maharashtra

c) Gujarat

d) Goa

ans: a

11) Shivasamudram Falls is found in the course of river _

a) Krishna

b) Godavari

c) Cauvery

d) Mahanadi

ans: c

12) Which one of the following is the oldest mountain range in India?

a) Himalayas

b) Aravali

c) Satpura

d) Nilgiri

ans: b

13) Which one of the following cities will never get the vertical rays of the Sun?

a) Srinagar

b) Thiruvananthapuram


d)  Mumbai

ans: a

14) Which one of the following  is the oldest mountain range in India ?

a) Himalayas

b) Aravali

c) Satpura

d) Nilgiri

ans: b

15) How many island of India are located in the Bay of Bengal?

a) 190

b) 204

c) 300

d) 210

ans: b

16) Which one among the following cities never get the vertical rays of the sun through the year?

a) Chennai

b) Mumbai

c) Kolkata

c) Srinagar

ans: d

17) Driest areas of India which lies in Rajasthan have an average annual rainfall of _

a) 100 cm

b) 20 cm

c) 10 cm

d) Less than 1 cm

ans: d

18) The Union Territory of Puducherry does not have a common border with :

a) Karnataka

b) Tamil Nadu

c) Andhra Pradesh

d) Kerala

ans: a

19) The Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet at the –

a) Cardamon Hill

b) Annaimalai Hills

c) Nilgiri Hills

d) Palanai Hills

ans: c

20) Western, ghats are

a) Plateau

b) Hills

c) Mountain

d) Escarpment of Plateau

ans: d

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