Chemistry MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 4

1)Formation of anions occurs by _

a) Loss of neutrons

b) Gain of protons

c) Gain of electrons

d) None

ans: c

2) The gas which is present in both the natural gas and the bio-gas is _

a) Methane

b) Butane

c) Hydrogen

d) Carbon monoxide

ans: a

3) Lead in water can cause _

a) Eye disease

b) Arthritis

c) Kidney damage

d) Hair falling

ans: c

4) The poisonous gas obtained by exposing chloroform to air and sunlight is—

a) CH2 CL2

b) COCL2

c) CH2O

d) CH3CL

ans: b

5) Benzene is a polymer of _

a) Methane

b) Acetylene

c) Ethane


ans: b

6) Chloroopicrin is _

a) Picric derivative

b) Nitrochloroform

c) Nitromethane

d) Nitroethyl chloride

ans: b

7) Paraffin dissolves in _

a) Distilled water

b) Methanol

c) Benzene

d) Salt water

ans: c

8) Petroleum consists of _

a) Aliphatic hydrocarbons

b) Aliphatic alcohols

c) Aromatic derivatives

d) None of the above

ans: a

9) Fisher-Tropsch process is used in the manufacture of _

a) Ethane

b) Benzene

c) Synthetic petrol

d) LPG

ans: c

10) The knocking will be minimum when the mixture of fuel is _

a) Straight chained

b) Iso-carbonation

c) Neo- carbonation

d) None of the above

ans: c

11) The flash point in India lead is fixed at _

a) 440C

b 350C

c) 22.80 C

d) 300 C

ans: a

12)Petroleum is found –

a) On the surface of the earth

b) In the atmosphere

c) In arctic ocean

d) Deep under the surface of the earth


13) Acidic hydrogen is present in _

a) Ethyne

b) Ethene

c) Benzene

d) Ethane

ans: a

14) Domestic cooking gas consists of mostly _

a) Methane and ethane

b) Liquified butane and iso-butane

c) Ethylene and carbon monoxide

d) Hydrogen and acetylene

ans: b

15) Which one of the following is the heterocyclic compound ?

a) Pyrene

b) Thiophene

c) Phenol

d) Aniline

ans: b

16)The name fire damp is given to _

a) Methane

b) Ethane

c) Propane

d) Butane

ans: a

17) The vapour density of a volatile substance is 4(CH4=1) .Its molecular mass would be _

a) 2

b) 8

c) 64

d) 128

ans: d

18) Which of the following are the names of cyclic ether _

a) Oxirane

b) Epoxyalkane

c) Alkene oxide

d) Carbinol

ans:  a

19) Hexachlorobenzene is known as _

a) Pyrene

b) Artificial silk

c) Gammexane

d) Artificial camphor

ans: c

20) Glucose has how many optical isomers ?

a) 8

b) 12

c) 16

d) Cannot be predicted

ans: c

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