Chemistry MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 2

1)Milk is a—

a) mixture

b) element

c) metal

d) none of these

ans: a

2)Bar is a unit of—

a) pressure

b) force

c) energy

d) frequency

ans: a

Air is –


b) element

c) mixture

d) solution

ans: c

4) The atoms of the elements having same mass number but different atomic number are called—

a) Isotopes

b) Isobars

c) Isotones

d) Isomers

ans: b

5)Meson was discovered by—

a) Powell

b) Seaburg

c) Anderson

d) Yukawa

ans: d

6)Which one of the following element is essential for construction is nuclear reactors?

a) Cobalt

b) Nickel

c) Zirconium

d) Tungsten


7) Group displacement law was given by—

a) Bacquerel

b) Rutherford

c) Mendeleaf

d) Soddy and Fajan

ans: d

8)The structure of ethylene is—

a) linear

b) tetrahedral

c) octahedral

d) triangular

ans: d

9)Which one has hydrogen bonding?

a) HCI

b) HBr

c) HF

d) HI


10)Water solution base is called—

a) Acid

b) Salt

c) Alkali

d) None

ans: c

11) pH value of neutral solution is—

a) 8

b) 5

c) 7

d) 13

ans: c

12) Acid reach with bases to give—

a) ester

b) Alcohol

c) Salt

d) None

ans: c

13) If the vapour denisty of a gas is molecular mass will be—

a) 12

b) 16

c) 18

d) 28

ans: d

14)The biocatalysts are—

a) Enzymes

b) Minerals

c) Plants

d) All proteins

ans: a

15)Which fuel has the maximum calorific value—

a) Charcoal

b) Kerosene

c) Wood

d) Cow-dung

ans: b

16)Which law of thermodynamics introduces the concept of entropy—

a) First law

b) Zeroth  law

c) Third law

d) Second law

ans: d

17)Which among the following has the highest ionization potential—

a) Li

b) B

c) Ne

d) F

ans: c

18) The element that has the highest first ionization potential is—

a) Boron

b) Nitrogen

c) Oxygen

d) Carbon

ans: b

19)The most powerful reducing agent is—

a) K

b) Ba

c) Na

d) Mg

ans: a

20)Reverse of swelling of gel is known as—

a) Syneresis

b) Thixotropy

c) Sorption

d) None of these

ans: a

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