Biology MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 4

1)Number of choromosome in a normal human body cell is—

a) 43

b) 44

c) 45

d) 46


2) Most important gland of human body is—

a) Thyroid

b) Pituitary

c) Pancreas

d) Liver

ans: b

3) The name of first test tube baby was—

a) Astha

b) Indria

c) Dolly

d) Lueis

ans: d

4) Oxygen released during photosynthesis of green plant comes from the breakdown of which of the following ?

a) Carbon dioxide

b) Fatty acid

c) Carbohydrate

d) Water

ans: d

5) Hydroponics is a method of culture of plants without using:

a) Sand

b) soil

b) water

d) light

ans: b

6) Nephrology is the study of—

a) Lung

b) Kidney

c) Heart

d) Brain

ans: b

7) The disease fire blight is related with—

a) Apple

b) Grape

c) Orange

d) Coconut

ans: a

8) Which one of following group of animals are primates?

a) Giraffes and Zebra

b) Kangaroo and Koalas

c) Lemurs and horses

d) Rabbits and Hares

ans: c

9) Which of the following is a good source of Vitamin ‘e’?

a) Meat

b) Ghee

c) Yellow Yolk

d) Fresh vegetable

ans: d

10) In which organ of the human body are the lymphocytes cells formed?

a) Liver

b) Long none

c) Pancrease

d) Spleen

ans: b

11) Total Number of bone found in child—

a) 200

b) 206

c) 300

d) 306

ans: c

12) Smallest bone of human body is—

a) Nails

b) Fibula

c) Bone of nose

d) Stapes

ans: d

13) Teeth is mainly made up of—

a) Enamel

b) Dentine

c) Odontoblast

d) Marrow

ans: b

14) In man skin is thickest on—

a) Palm

b) Sole

c) Trunk

d) Head

ans: b

15) Father of anatomy—

a) Aristotle

b) Andreas Vesalius

c) Theophrastus

d) None of these

ans: b

16) Which of the following is the  smallest bird?

a) Pigeon

b) House sparrow

c) Humming bird

d) Parrot

ans: c

17)The first transgenic crop was—

a) Pea

b) Flax

c) Tobacco

d) Cotton

ans: c

18) Bt seed is associated with—

a) Rice

b) Wheat

c) Cotton

d) Oil seed

ans: c

19) Who is know as father of Biology?

a) Aristotle

b) Darwin

c) Lamark

d) Purkenja

ans: a

20) Basic unit of classification is—

a) Genus

b) Family

c) Species

d) Order

ans: c


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