Biology MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 3

1)Name the Scientist of Indian origin, who was associated with the synthesis of human insulin gene _

a) Hargovind Khorana

b) Saran Narang

c) Indra Vasil

d) Govindjee

ans: b

2) Blood group is discovered by _

a) Landstiner

b) Robert Koch

c) Willum Harvy

d) Loius Pasture

ans: a

3) Stethoscope is invented by _

a) Jenner

b) Sabin

c) Lanni

d) Pasteuure

ans: c

4) Scientist who crystallized virus for the first time _

a) Waksman

b) Watson

c) Stanley

d) Emerson

ans: c

5) The term biotechnology was coined by _

a) Chohen and Boyer

b) Nathan and Smith

c) Karl Ereky

d) William Hays

ans: c

6) Who discover vaccination for Rabies _

a) Jenner

b) Pasture

c) Darwin

d) Lister

ans: b

7) The gas leaked out in Bhopal gas tragedy _

a) Carbon Monoxide

b) Etyle isocynate

c) Methyl isocynate

d) SO2 and NO2

ans: c

8) Spraying of DDT produce pollution of _

a) Air

b) Air and water

c) Air and soil

d) Air ,water and soil

ans: d

9) Ozone layer presents in our atmosphere absorb _

a) Cosmic rays

b) Infra-red rays

c) Ultraviolet rays

d) All rays

ans: c

10) Which of the following produce maximum sound pollution _

a) Top music

b) Heavy truck

c) Jet flight

d) None of these

ans: c

11) BOD is _

a) Biological oxygen deficit

b) Biosphere oxygen demand

c) Biological oxygen demand

d) None of the above

ans: c

12) Bhopal gas tragedy was due to –

a) Air pollution

b) Soil pollution

c) Water pollution

d) Nine of the above

ans: a

13) Which pollution causes jaundice _

a) Water

b) Air

c) Hand

d) Thermal

ans: a

14)Double helix model of DNA is given by _

a) Mullar

b) Meghnath Sha

c) Stepham Hawking

d) Watson and Crick

ans: d

15) Edward Jenner is related with which of the following disease _

a) Rabies

b) Small pox

c) Paralysis

d) Typhus fever

ans: b

16) Biologist who proposed the theory of Germ plasm _

a) Weisman

b) J.C. Bose

b) Bateson

d) Lederberg

ans: a

17) Transplantation of heart is first done by _

a) Dr . Willum Harvey

b) Sir F.G Hoffkins

c) Dr. Louis Pasture

d) Dr. Christian Banard

ans: d

18) Taj Mahal is threatened by pollution from –

a) Chlorine

b) Sulphurdioxide

c) Hydrogen

d) Oxygen

ans: b

19) Queen Victoria of England was _

a) AIDS Patient

b) Deaf

c) Haemophiliac

d) Color blind

ans: c

20) Which date is known as diabetes day ?

a) 14th February

b) 14th May

c) 14th September

d) 14th November

ans: d


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