Biology MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 1

1)The book Historia animalium is written by—

a) Aristotle

b) Darwin

c) Lamark

d) Theophrastus

ans: a

2) Study of external structure and their form is called—

a) Morphology

b) Anatomy

C) Ecotogy

d) Phycology

ans: a

3)Spermology is the study of—

a) Seed

b)   Leaf

c) Fruit

d) Pollen grain

ans: a

4) The non-green heterotrophic plants of plant kingdom are:

a) algae

b) fungi

c) mosses

d) ferns

ans: a

5)Who is known as father of ‘Taxonomy’—

a) Angler

b) Aristotle

c) Linnaeus

d) Theopharastus


6) Chilgoza is obtained from—

a) Cycus

b) Pinus

c) Cedrus

d) Zoniperus

ans: b

7)Which of the following is not a kharif crop?

a) Cotton

b) Groundnut

c) Maize

d) Mustard

ans: c

8) Which of the following plant produce seed but not fruit—

a) Maize

b) Mint

c) Peepal

d) Pinus


9)IR-20 is a high yielding variety of—

a) Cotton

b) Rice

c) Wheat

d) Sugarcane

ans: b

10)Embroyo is found in—

a) Flower

b) Leaves

c) Seeds

d) Buds

ans: c

11) In, plant body, the water and minerals are transported by—

a) Bast

b) Collenchyma

c) Parenchyma

d) Xylum

ans:  d

12) Thigmotropism is best exhibited by—

a) Lamina

b) Tendrils

c) Root apex

d) Thorn


13) The plant that behave as a root parasite is:

a) Ficus

b) Santalum

c) Cuscuta

d) Euphorbia

ans: b

14)The cell wall of xylem cells is rich in—

a) Lipid

b) Protein

c) Lignin

d) Starch

ans: c

15)Element playing role in nitrogen fixation—

a) Mn

b) Mo

c) Zn

d) Cu


16) Study of parasitic organism is called—

a) Parazology

b) Parasitology

c) Both a and b

d) None of these

ans: b

17) Which of the following is monogamoss—

a) Wolf

b) Walrus

c) Seal

d) Deer

ans: d

18) Mamath is ancestor of—

a) Dog

b) Horse

c) Camel

d) Elephant

ans: d

19)Harmone insulin is a—

a) Glycolipid

b) Fatty acid

c) Peptide

d) Sterol

ans: c

20) Total number of bone found in man—

a) 212

b) 206

c) 202

d) 200

ans: b

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