Geography MCQ Question Answer Paper Set 6

1)Hwang Ho river flows through which one of the following cities

a) Beijing

b) Ho Chi Minch City

c) Shanghai

d) Manila

ans: c

2)For which one of the following is Satara well known?

a) Thermal Power Plant

b) Wind Energy Plant

c) Hydro-electric Plant

d) Nuclear Power Plant

ans: a

3)Among the following cities,which one is nearest to the Tropic of Cancer?

a) Delhi


c) Jodhpur

d) Nagpur

ans: b

4)Which one of the following has the lowest number of coral formation?

a) North Atlantic ocean

b) North Pacific ocean

c) South Pacific ocean

d) South Atlantic ocean

ans: d


5)Which one of the following countries does not extract oil and nature gas from the North Sea?

a) Denmark

b) Germany

c) Sweden

d) Norway

ans: c

6) Which one of the following is located in Russia?

a) Donetsk

b) Krivoirog

c) Zhitomir

c) Pechora

ans: d

7)Which country among the following has the highest proportion of its electricity generation by nuclear plants?

a) USA

b) United Kingdom

c) France

d) Germany

ans: c

8) A person moving from Chile to Brazil along the coast has to cross

a) Bass Strait

b) Cook Strait

c) Magellan Strait

d)  Torres Strait

ans: c

9)The term ‘demographic gap’ signifies the difference

a) in sex ratio

b) in age

c) in child/women ratio

d) between the birth and the death rate

ans: d

10) Which one of the following East fl;owing rivers of India has rift valley due to down warping?

a) Damodar

b) Mahanadi

c) Son

d) Yamuna

ans: a

11) On the coast of which state is Wheeler island?


b) Gujarat

c) Odisha

d) Tamil Nadu

ans: c

12)Whith which one of the following countries,India shares maximum length of the border?

a) Bangladesh

b) Pakistan

c) China

d) Nepal

ans: a

13) The water of which one of the following lakes is used for producing salt?

a) Barapani

b) Kolleru

c) Loktak

d) Sambhar

ans: d

14) Which one of the following oil fields of India is the oldest and still producing oil?

a) Mumbai High

b) Digboi

c) Ankleshwar

d) Naharkatiya

ans: b

15) The Indian subcontinent was originally a part of huge mass called

a) Jurassic Land mass

b) Aryavarta

c) Indiana

d) Gondwana continent

ans: d

16) Which one among the following is a mechanically formed rock?

a) salt rock

b) Limestone

c) Sandstone

d) Gypsum

ans: c

17)The transition zone between two Ecosystems is

a) biome

b) biotope

c) ecotone

d) sere

ans: c

18) The vegetation which survives on aerial roots is

a) mangrove

b) Selvas

c) catinga

d) taiga


19)Zawar mines are important for

a) bauxite

b) tungsten

c) zinc

d) lead

ans: b

20)Iron ore from Kudremukh is most likely to be exported through

a) Goa

b) Kochi

c) Mangalore

d) Ennore

ans: c

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